FUNecole® for Teachers

Unleashing Teaching Superpowers!

Why FUNecole®
Reengineer Teaching Practices

The FUNecole® Teacher Development Platform™ enables teachers to have detailed support and practical guidance as mentioned above, it encourages active learning through both synchronous and asynchronous communications. The platform provides continuously updated detailed content on how to design and execute lessons, motivate and engage students in participating actively during lessons as well as socialize with each other while working on group projects. and interact and collaborate in team projects.

The FUNecole® approaches to technology, ensure full access to all students. All students have unlimited access to learning tutorials necessary for their specific task at hand. These tutorials are directly linked to each individual project/task that students are involved with. All FUNecole® lesson recommended projects are linked with the related technology tutorials that both refresh the teachers’ digital skills on how to use suitable tools and resources and as well as assist students.

How it Works

Become a Certified Teacher and Create Your Own Engaging Classes®
  • Ready-to-use standard-aligned lessons, mode of delivery and learning resources to save teachers precious time.
  • Lively interactive lesson content to engage students’ attention.
  • A structured format and an innovative approach to e-learning.
  • Effective formative evaluation with FUNecole interactive assessments and real-time visual analytics.
  • Insight into student self-evaluation and peer-to-peer evaluation.
Global Teaching Opportunity
Connect With Students Globally

The FUNecole® themed lessons facilitate students’ active participation.  Learning is enhanced by interactive assessments, videos, projects, and games. As teachers share the class multiple learning elements, tools and resources students can work individually or in groups, submit their solutions to their digital portfolios and receive feedback and further instructions from their teachers.

Thousands of tools and resources are available for the teacher to tailor their lesson according to the group dynamics and student preferences. The variety of resources includes class projects, school-wide mega projects, peer-to-peer assessments, collaborative games, or class discussions.

Teachers can socialize, interact and collaborate with students in synchronous and asynchronous ways.


Redefining Education
for the Modern Classroom
Time-saving and Standard-Aligned lessons
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  • Ready-to-use, standard-aligned lessons and resources.
  • Say goodbye to hours spent on lesson planning.
Analytics, Personalization and Feedback
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  • Real-time visual analytics and interactive assessments.
  • Gain valuable insights into student progress.
  • Personalize teaching based on analytics.
  • Provide feedback to students for growth.
Engaging and interactive learning
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  • Lively and interactive lesson content.
  • Ignite students’ curiosity and active participation.
  • Transform learning into a fun and interactive experience through game-based learning.
  • Foster collaborative interaction and peer-to-peer assessments.
Global and Cultural exposure
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  • Connect with students from around the world.
  • Experience cultural diversity and a global classroom.
Flexible teaching environment
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  • Teach anytime, anywhere.
  • Adapt to different schedules and ensure uninterrupted learning.
  • Seamlessly transition to substitute teaching.
Access to comprehensive resources
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  • Access a wealth of educational materials.
  • Eliminate the need for additional lesson planning.
  • Enhance curriculum through the integration of additional resources.
Professional Development and Mentorship
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  • Expand teaching skills and advance careers.
  • Contribute to the growth of the education community.
  • Benefit from mentoring programs and professional development opportunities.
Innovative e-learning approach
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  • Structured format and innovative e-learning methods.
  • Seamlessly blend technology with education.
  • Foster independent learning and empower students to take control.
The FUNecole® Subjects
Elevate Learning, Foster Collaboration,
Ignite Curiosity