21st Century Skills

FUNecole® offers the most comprehensive, innovative and scientifically designed 6-year digital curriculum, delivered via an immersive online learning platform to teach and assess 21st-century skills in primary education.

FUNecole® lessons engage students in real-world scenarios with project-based learning, integrate 21st-century interdisciplinary themes with technology skills, and transform typical classes to ICT-rich learning environments. This strand of the FUNecole® curriculum also inspires students to acquire expertise on a subject or skill they are interested in, such as playing a musical instrument or reading literature.

21st Century Skills Projects
FUNecole® Computer Science project by a 5th grade student
FUNecole® Computer Science project by a 4th grade student
The FUNecole® Subjects
Elevate Learning, Foster Collaboration,
Ignite Curiosity
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