FUNecole® is a Comprehensive & Systemic eLearning Solution that Engages the New-Gen of K-6 Learners!

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FUNecole® Seamlessly Integrates All Leading EdTech Technology Providers

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FUNecole® Connects the Global Community of Digital Citizens

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FUNecole® Integrates Multiple Disciplines Using a Systemic & Holistic Approach

21st Century Skills

Engage students in real-world scenarios with project-based learning involving the development of entrepreneurial and expert thinking skills

Social Emotional Learning

Inspire students to show competences in self awareness, self management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness

Digital Literacy

Use common applications for a purpose such as video animation, digital storytelling, web design and computer networks

Computer Science

Empower students with with a resourceful computer science curriculum enabling them to become proficient technology users and digital creators.


Develop computational, algorithmic and design thinking through hands on activities


A multidisciplinary approach that converts classrooms into places of joy, creativity, and collaboration

How FUNecole® Challenges 21st Century Education

  • Rapid transition to hybrid and blended eLearning solutions
  • Limited time for teachers to plan and prepare engaging lessons
  • Need for systemic and holistic pedagogical methods
  • Demand for using accurate and reliable formative assessments
21st century education

What Our Collaborators Say:

Award winning speaker Nina Jackson
FUNecole® is an innovative 21st Century Curriculum devised and created to meet all the needs of teachers and children alike. It can be used for Independent Thinking, ICT, Coding & Computing, personal and social education as well as the development of the ‘whole’ child. It’s an amazing pedagogical tool as well as a fully immersive experience for children and teachers. Resources, lesson plans, teaching tools - all your needs for the 21st Century teacher. There is nothing else like it. It’s magical
Nina Jackson
Award winning speaker - Best Selling Author - Education Consultant
Rita Oates
Parents today want their children to learn coding, to be good digital citizens, and to have the “soft skills” necessary for success in life. Where do those fit into the core curriculum? FUNecole provides a clever, spiraling strategy, using real world problems for students to solve. Along the way they learn digital skills and apply social emotional skills. Engaging cartoon characters help advance the learning in delightful ways and offer discussion points for small groups of students. As the former district edtech director in Miami-Dade County Schools, I find this a unique strategy for increasing student exposure and experience with technology while embedding social emotional skills for life-long success.
Rita Oates
PhD, former director of educational technology, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Wendy Weiler
Having been an elementary school teacher myself, I see this teacher-led curriculum as engaging students while it lays the foundation for a deeper knowledge of behavioral modeling towards a strong moral compass. I recommend FUNecole® to Directors of Curriculum who are looking for a supplemental program that aligns with core curriculum and enriches it with social emotional learning and digital literacy. They will see a huge impact on their students’ academic scores, but most importantly on their students’ core moral values.
Wendy Weiler
Founder - Weiler Associates LLC
ICT Teacher Andreas Eleftheriou
FUNecole® is an excellent, holistic approach to teaching tool with endless possibilities. It's vast pool of resources can be utilized from both teachers and students for a one of a kind teaching / learning experience. I highly and unconditionally recommend it!
Andreas Eleftheriou
ICT Teacher - American Academy Limassol
Gifted teacher Alicia Verweij
West Side Elementary has been utilizing the FUNecole® software since September of this year. FUNecole® is a state of the art social-emotional software designed to integrate 21st century skills. The four C's (Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, & Critical Thinking) are enveloped flawlessly into the program. Utilizing FUNecole® has made meeting the depth of Mississippi's gifted outcomes for social-emotional curriculum a piece of cake! The program is skill rich and yet simple enough for every learner to understand and operate. Students learn while having fun and teachers' lives are made easy in terms of teaching and lesson planning!
Alicia Verweij
Gifted Teacher - West Side Elementary
Christina Ioannou
Funecole® is the only 21st century skill learning tool that covers character development skills, computer skills, robotics, programming, but also the enhancement of the English language. I am very happy and very proud to teach this program because it gives me the pleasure of seeing the joy of the faces of young children when they discover how much they can learn with the help of the technology.
Christina Ioannou
ICT Teacher - Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa Private Institute
Maria Galati
I have been teaching FUNecole® for the past 8 years and during this time I have seen my students become more enthusiastic, motivated and fully engaged in the FUNecole® lessons. The content of these lessons promotes 21st century learning and critical thinking on real-world issues, enabling students to improve in subjects such as Maths, STEM and Geography. The FUNecole® videos and projects provide the perfect stimuli for discussion questions and hands on experience. FUNecole® prepares students to enter a workforce in which they will be evaluated not only on the final outcome but on their collaboration, critical thinking and organizational skills.
Maria Galati
ICT Teacher - Grammar School

Our Partners

FUNecole® is continuously partnering with major educational institutes and EdTech companies to provide enhanced learning engineering solutions.

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