FUNecole® School

Developing Expert Thinkers!

About FUNecole®
Empowering students to face global challenges

FUNecole® is an innovative, teacher-ready solution hosted on a platform that nourishes the development of expert thinkers. Our platform empowers teachers, schools, and students to manage and conduct lessons in an engaging, enjoyable, and effective manner. Offering a holistic, comprehensive solution for K6 education, FUNecole® delivers multidisciplinary STREAMS, complete lessons supported by thousands of formative assessments, videos, games, projects, class discussions, individual student performance tracking, class analytics, and reports. The platform features a pre-built structured curriculum and adopts a backward design approach, seamlessly integrating into various teaching methodologies.

Why FUNecole®
Transforming learning for the modern child

Transforming for the School: In the face of significant challenges in the current educational landscape, FUNecole® emerges as a transformative solution. Recognizing a pronounced gap in fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and essential 21st-century skills, traditional methods relying on lecture-based learning and outdated study materials contribute to an obsolete approach.

Valuable for Teacher: FUNecole® addresses the needs of students and revolutionizes the teaching experience. FUNecole® “cuts” teacher preparation time to 75% while enabling teachers to collaborate, review student work and student performance analytics.

Transforming Parents: With an emphasis on transparency, FUNecole® provides comprehensive insights into your child’s progress. Parents can actively be involved in their child’s educational journey and maintain a true partnership with teachers and the school. FUNecole® provides parents with a clear understanding of the learning experience.

Engaging Students: FUNecole® shapes educational instruction to individual student’s needs and interests. FUNecole® lessons extend beyond the classroom and into the real world. FUNecole® stands out as the preferred choice of all students that use it.

How It Works

This custom-made platform features themed lessons tailored for students aged 5 to 12. It encompasses a diverse range of resources, including videos, interactive assessments, projects, games, class discussions, peer reviews, and more. These resources cover real-life themes such as the environment, diversity, equality, and beyond. The themes are seamlessly integrated with a well-structured computing and digital literacy curriculum that fosters a multidisciplinary STREAMS approach.

Students engage in project-based problem-solving presentations, self-expression, and the development of real-life solutions based on the projects they are actively involved in. Finally, FUNecole® provides a dynamic and comprehensive learning environment that goes beyond traditional methods, encouraging students to explore, collaborate, and excel in their educational journey.

FUNecole® Benefits
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Utilizes data and analytics for tailored educational content.

STREAMS Approach
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Incorporates STREAMS-related activities and curriculum.

Blended Learning
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Combines online and offline resources for a flexible learning experience.

Game-Based Learning
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Engages students with interactive games, simulations, and activities.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
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Supports social-emotional learning

Remote Learning
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Offers online resources and software for remote education.

Quality Educational Content
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Provides a diverse range of topics tailored to K6 students.

Comprehensive Assessment Tools
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Allows teachers to track student progress effectively.

Easy-to-Use Interface
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Offers an intuitive, visually appealing interface for teachers and students

Secure Platform
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Delivers a fully managed platform with enterprise-grade security.

Development and Support
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Provides state-of-the-art tools and resources for effective learning experiences.

Tailored for Modern Young Minds
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Aligns with modern thinking and recognizes the unique needs of today’s children.

Engaging and Fun Experiences
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Includes animated FUNecole® cartoon family for entertainment and infuses each lesson with enjoyable experiences.

Ownership of Learning
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Empower students to actively participate in real-life age-appropriate projects. 

Connecting, Collaborating, and Analyzing
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Prepares students for the future challenges of connectivity by emphasizing collaboration and critical analysis of information.

Developing Expert Thinking Skills
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Encourages exploration, publishing, media creation, and diverse writing modes.

The FUNecole® Track Record
Connecting the Global Dots

FUNecole® took flight in 2008, spreading its educational impact across 4 countries (Greece, Romania, Estonia, Cyprus) through the EU Project INSPIRE ICT.


Recognized as a standout in “Creative and Innovative Good Practices in Compulsory Education” by the European Commission’s JRC/IPTS in 2010, FUNecole®’s transformative approach was translated and assessed in various cultures. It even underwent a successful pilot project in Egypt.


FUNecole® earned the esteemed endorsement of the Cambridge International Assessment for ICT Starters in 2012.


The year 2012 witnessed the successful implementation of FUNecole® in schools spanning Armenia, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia, Russia, Romania, and Italy.


In 2018, FUNecole® achieved the remarkable feat of being awarded the ISTE Seal of Alignment, making its mark in American schools.


Notably, the Cyprus Digital Champion recognized the innovative prowess of FUNecole® in 2019.


In the same year, the Cyprus Ministry of Education also acknowledged the impact and significance of FUNecole®.


FUNecole® went on an exciting pilot testing journey in 2020, venturing into UAE, India, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Malta, and Qatar, expanding its horizons, and gaining valuable insights.


Stepping into the future, the FUNecole® School secured a coveted position among the 15 schools worldwide approved by Cambridge International for online and hybrid learning in 2023. It aligns seamlessly with the renowned Cambridge Primary curriculum, fostering independent thinking and nurturing curiosity in students.


The year 2023 brought further accolades as FUNecole® achieved the prestigious ISTE Seal of Alignment for ISTE Standards for Students. This recognition reflects its unwavering commitment to engaging learning activities that integrate key applications and programs, empowering students to utilize technology in meaningful ways.