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Empowering Educators: Testimonials of
Growth with FUNecole® eLearning
FUNecole®, a European best practice in compulsory education, comprehensively integrates the development of computer science, digital literacy and SEL/21st century skills for classes 1 to 6 in Primary school. The FUNecole® platform is an excellent performance in ICT, coding and digital literacy skills led to an overall objectives. Lessons have been embraced by my students with enthusiasm! They work in groups and have the freedom to make their own decisions and choices. As a result, they develop original and innovative projects.
Maria Galati
Grammar Junior School
I have been utilizing FUNecole® in my primary school for several years now, and I can not imagine teaching without it. I will not list FUNecole®’s features and advantages, you can find those on the web, what I will state and emphasize is that it makes learning fun through innovative methods, techniques, and cutting edge technology.
Bottom line: KIDS LOVE IT!!
Andreas Eleftheriou
American Academy Primary Limassol
As an educator, I strongly endorse the use of the FUNecole® computer program. The program offers an interactive and entertaining learning experience that caters to the needs of young learners. Its user-friendly interface and educational content make it an ideal tool for engaging students in a variety of subjects while promoting their cognitive development. I highly recommend this program as it also promotes emotional intelligence and creativity to young learners.
Carolina Aravi
Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa Private Institute
The new era of advancements and possibilities require new skills and up-to-date education for the next generations. FUNecole® lessons offer a wide range of topics for all the students and teachers across the world to enhance their abilities and upgrade their knowledge. As a teacher of FUNecole®, I am thrilled to provide my students with an online platform which guides them through assessments and projects to an endlessly rich source of whatever is important for them to know while broadening their horizons.
Panayiota Zodhiatou