FUNecole® for Schools

Turning Traditional Classrooms
Into Innovative Learning Spaces

Why FUNecole®
Transforming learning for the modern school

FUNecole® presents a holistic, STREAMS-based approach to education for the K6 education (K-6), providing a systemic and multidisciplinary learning environment.

FUNecole® incorporates the STREAMS (Science, Technology, Reading & Writing, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Social Sciences) multidisciplinary approach.


The FUNecole® Subjects

Digital Literacy, Computer Science/Coding/Robotics, 21st Century Skills, Global Perspectives, Art and Design and Social Emotional Learning.

How it works
A Systemic Holistic Solution

Our platform offers a comprehensive solution, empowering both teachers and students to thrive in the digital learning landscape with subjects that are aligned with international curricula. Here’s a closer look at how FUNecole® works for schools:

    • Diverse learning elements
    • Personalized learning experiences
    • Developing the whole child
    • Teacher continuous development and certifications
FUNecole® Benefits
Revolutionizing Education
Diverse Learning Elements
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Every FUNecole® themed lesson for schools integrates a range of learning elements, ensuring a rich and engaging educational experience:

    1. Recommendations – guidance for effective teaching strategies.
    2. Ready-made lesson plans to enhance classroom efficiency.
    3. In-class activities to promote interactive learning.
    4. Videos to complement lessons and reinforce concepts.
    5. Formative assessments to monitor student progress.
    6. Interactive and fun educational games
Personalized Learning Experiences
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    1. Personalized learning paths.
    2. Developing thinking skills.
    3. Game-based learning.
    4. Diverse range of resources.
    5. Access to educational materials and content.
    6. Transdisciplinary method.
    7. Real-time data and analytics.
    8. Blended learning and remote learning.
    9. Integrating subjects for comprehensive learning.
    10. Seamless integration into existing curricula.


Developing The Whole Child
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    1. Fosters emotional intelligence and responsible choices.
    2. Cultivates empathy, self-awareness, and self-regulation.
    3. Integrates experiential learning for practical skills.
    4. Encourages critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.
    5. Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.
    6. Nurtures cultural awareness and a global perspective.
    7. Develops leadership skills through teamwork.
    8. Promotes responsibility and ethical behavior.
Teacher Continuous Development and Certifications
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    1. Access ongoing professional development opportunities.
    2. Receive continuous support.
    3. Educational and in-house resources.
    4. Platform designed to enhance teaching skills.
    5. Access a variety of tools for professional growth.
    6. Get certified for developing the whole child using the STREAMS approach.
Case Studies
Real-Life Impact:
Testimonials and Case Studies
Yas Academy School

Yas Academy School prepares a creative, distinguished, and promising generation by instilling religious and national values in the hearts of students. It activates the role of parental involvement in the educational process with an interest in developing students’ motivation to learn through executives who want to keep up with renewable energy sources. It teaches methods and works to provide students with different scientific patterns of thinking and methods of self-education through the use of new technology means.

The Grammar School


The Grammar Junior School is part of The Grammar School Nicosia-Cyprus, a K-12 international school with around 45 different nationalities of students

West Side Elementary


West Side Elementary School is a rural school that was founded in 1926 in order to serve elementary students in Picayune, Mississippi USA. Through the years it has grown, along with the district, to become one of 5 elementary schools in the area. It serves a community of 35,000plus residents.

Maria Galati
Grammar Junior School

FUNecole®  a European best practice in compulsory education, comprehensively integrates the development of computer science, digital literacy and SEL/21st century skills for classes 1 to 6 in Primary school.  FUNecole®  platform is an excellent performance in ICT, coding and digital literacy skills led to an overall objectives. Lessons have been embraced by my students with enthusiasm! They work in groups, have the freedom to make their own decisions and choices. As a result, they develop original and innovative projects.


Andreas Eleftheriou
American Academy Primary Limassol

I have been utilizing FUNecole® in my primary school for several years now, and I can not imagine teaching without it. I will not list FUNecole®’s features and advantages, you can find those on the web, what I will state and emphasize is that it makes learning fun through innovative methods, techniques, and cutting-edge technology.
Bottom line: KIDS LOVE IT!


Carolina Aravi
Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa Private Institute

As an educator, I strongly endorse the use FUNecole® computer program. The program offers an interactive and entertaining learning experience that caters to the needs of young learners. Its user-friendly interface and educational content make it an ideal tool for engaging students in a variety of subjects while promoting their cognitive development. I highly recommend this program as it also promotes emotional intelligence and creativity in young learners.