Holistic school support and change management guidance – A solid partner for the 21st century transformation process

FUNecole guides the school’s transformation process by providing change management guidance to school leadership and facilitating ad-hoc school-wide seminars to teaching staff.

FUNecole® schools receive unlimited pedagogical and technical support throughout the academic year, including:

  • Continuous technical product updates and upgrades
  • Online technical and administrative support
  • Protection of online personal data and secure access area for every school
  • Immediate educational support to teachers
  • Continuous update and quality assurance of all FUNecole® content resources
  • Dedicated school account manager
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FUNecole® Platform & Digital Portfolio

FUNecole offers a “paperless” all digital platform, which offers teachers the opportunity to avoid the daunting, time-consuming constant flow of hard copy resources. It also enables effective sharing and collaboration.

FUNecole® teachers are “digital facilitators” while students develop into true “digital producers”.

The FUNecole® platform privileges:

Cross-platform instructional content, interactive assessments, online project assignments, real-time feedback, learning analytics and digital portfolios creation – an immersive digital experience on top of the 21st-century digital curriculum.

A 21st-century class should be “paperless”. The constant flow of hard copy, resources is daunting, time-consuming and prevents effective sharing and collaboration. FUNecole® teachers are “digital facilitators” while students develop into true “digital producers”.

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Student Digital Portfolios

Every “digital native” should be confident to produce digital content. FUNecole® students develop their own digital stories, store them on the platform and proudly share them with their teachers, peers and parents.

Student Digital Portfolios
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Real-time Feedback and Analytics

Keep your class “in sync” with one-click assignments and stay ahead of their progress with live activity-feeds. Study their learning behaviour with analytics reporting and adjust your personalised instruction accordingly.

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Interactive Student Assessments

Assign a series of online, ready-made, formative assessments in every lesson to get instant feedback on your students’ learning progress. Identify learning gaps easily and refine your instruction on the spot.

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Digital Instructional Content

Forget printed handouts and worksheets. All the instructional content you’ll need, in one place, and accessible from any device with a web browser. Lesson plans, teacher guides, presentations, assessments, assignments and student guides – fully digital, illustrated and constantly updated.

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Benchmarking and Reporting Performance

Are you still collecting student work on a USB to grade them later? Are you creating manual reports for each student’s progress? FUNecole® automatically benchmarks and reports your students’ performance against both social emotional and digital skills growth

benchmarking and reporting

Customised Lesson Planning

We are fond of structure; that’s why every FUNecole® year and its 35 lessons are carefully designed a nd provided with a proposed sequence of activities. However, the yearly and weekly planning tools will allow you to easily customise your lessons according to your school requirements and different class needs.

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