Exciting New Partnership Announcement

August 21, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that our company has been officially become a Microsoft Partner. This is another verification that our innovative educational solutions align with the needs of the EdTech industry.

Specifically, our turnkey eLearning solution that develops and assesses Computer Science/Coding, Digital Literacy, Social Emotional Learning, 21st Century and STREAMS Skills in primary Education is now available at Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

FUNecole® is a recognized good practice in Innovative Learning and Creative Teaching by the JRC/IPTS of European Commission endorsed by Cambridge International Qualifications and has the seal of Alignment by the International Standards in Technology in Education (ISTE). FUNecole® aligns with the UK National curriculum, American Common Core State Standards, the 21st Century Skills Framework, the Computer Science Teacher Association and the Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) curriculum standards.

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