EDTECH & COVID-19: FUNecole® Meeting the Challenges

August 13, 2021

At FUNecole®, our main priority has always been to make it straightforward for educators to integrate digital resources seamlessly into their classrooms. FUNecole® themed lessons offer multiple forms of learning elements, fully planned and scientifically designed with comprehensive suggestions, ready-made lesson plans, in-class activities, videos, formative assessments and interactive games that align to international curricula.

 As educators ourselves, we know teachers long for freedom and flexibility to nurture children’s creative minds to encourage responsible behaviour and cultivate a spirit of exploration using a holistic and age-appropriate approach. During the pandemic, teachers proved to be committed to maintaining continuity and standards, demonstrating remarkable value in the classroom. Post-pandemic teachers will have an even more decisive role in appraising students emotionally, socially as well as academically.

Teaching students during the pandemic highlighted a new set of challenges. It became increasingly hard to tell what students have understood during the lessons. It is only via these connections that teachers are able to obtain this valuable information to enable them to adapt their teaching, but also recognize how students are feeling about the subject they are reviewing.

Anticipating the new school year will begin in person, the importance of integrating high-quality digital content is even more critical, knowing that students will simply switch off if the content is not engaging. 

Innovative Design

FUNecole® has been innovatively designed to provide timely, relevant content available on one platform, one solution, with the ability to seamlessly engage and inspire all students. FUNecole® empowers people with interactive learning experiences that incite inquisitiveness, lively and engaging classroom discussions. Simultaneously, FUNecole® teachers can assess and evaluate students’ work online instantly, anywhere, at any time.

FUNecole® Highlights

  • Just-in-time tutorials and Ready-to-Teach Lesson Plans, Formative Assessments, Standards Alignments, Student Performance and Class Analytics.
  • Reduce time and effort spent on lesson preparation with the flexibility to redesign and plan your own unique lesson plans.
  • Ready-made questions, quizzes, formative and summative assessments for student progress and development.
  • Free access to a wide range of supplementary resources.
  • Receive ongoing training and support.
  • Connect with FUNecole® global schools to collaborate and share teaching experiences.
  • Seamless integration with leading technology providers. A fully supported process for teachers.

Meeting 21st Century Educational Challenges

The FUNecole® dynamic eLearning solution provides primary school students (K-6) a systemic multidisciplinary learning environment, empowering them to face the global challenges in education and for their future productive lives.

STREAMS Approach

The FUNecole® project-based themed lessons incorporate the STREAMS (Science, Technology, Reading & Writing, Engineer, Arts, Math and Social Sciences) approach that supports students to develop higher order thinking skills such as creative expression, innovative design and ethical problem solving. 

Curriculum Alignments and Standards

The FUNecole® curriculum is fully aligned with ISTE Standards; the Common Core Standards; UK National Computing Curriculum; CASEL Framework for Core Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies Standards; the 21st Century Learning Framework and Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) standards. FUNecole® students are thoroughly equipped to be successful in Cambridge ICT Starters exams and The FUNecole® Solution has been endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education since 2012.

 For more information on how we can support you, email us at: info@funecole.com

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