Special Features for FUNecole® Teachers

  • Ready-to-use standard-aligned lessons, mode of delivery and learning resources to save teachers precious time.
  • Lively interactive lesson content to engage students’ attention.
  • A structured format and an innovative approach to e-learning.
  • Effective formative evaluation with FUNecole interactive assessments and in real-time visual analytics.
  • Insight into student self evaluation and peer-to-peer evaluation.
students development

Sick Leave Without Worries

even if you are gone the lesson goes on
  • Sick Leave: If a teacher is on sick leave, their substitute can easily see the class progress and what to teach on FUNecole®.
  • Zero Supervision: Students are able to enter FUNecole lessons and assignments without any supervision and carry on with their studies where they left off.
  • Working Model: FUNecole® operates in synchronous and asynchronous modes.

Teacher Processional Development and Training

  • FUNecole® provides work-Life balance workshops and continuous professional development to teachers.
  • Enables teachers to be in contact with each individual class/student/other school colleagues to participate in FUNecole projects.
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