FUNecole® Engages Teachers to

  • Meet the high cognitive student demands.
  • Teach and assess Computer Science, Digital Literacy, 21st Century skills, STEAM and Social Emotional Learning all in one multidisciplinary approach.
  • Enable students to design the lessons and foster for innovation and creativity in the classroom.
  • Develop broad knowledge and skills in many disciplines.
  • Transform from content experts to learning guides and facilitators.
  • Be ready to differentiate, collaborate and share global experiences.
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FUNecole® Teacher Preparation and Development to Teach Computer Science

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  • FUNecole® has an abundance of materials and online resources to guide educators to teach coding, computer principles, computational and algorithmic thinking.
  • FUNecole® fully supports teachers to use Augmented Reality Apps, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics who have not studied computer science using a step-by-step process
  • Applications available in schools, like Google’s G Suite, Microsoft Office, among others made easy to use with FUNecole®
  • All-inclusive comprehensive initial training
  • Annual training to perfect skills and continue development

The FUNecole® Teacher Platform

The most complete set of lesson plans, activities, assessments, projects and further teaching resources that supports teachers to prepare, deliver and assess up to 70 hours of computing and digital literacy lessons per school year – with less teacher effort and more student engagement!

Every teacher should be allowed to save energy for the part that matters the most: the actual lesson time. The amount of time spent on planning, creating and combining teaching materials is exhausting and hinders performance during delivery. That is why every FUNecole® Creative Learning lesson is comprehensively planned and supported by a complete range of teacher and student resources.

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1-Hour Teacher Preparation

Detailed descriptions of class activities, discussions and games are provided with step by step execution instructions. Each activity is accompanied with background reading material, a learning cycle and detailed objectives.

The actual class presentation is fully illustrated and broken down to different activities, with the availability to choose which ones to work on during the actual lesson. A series of student assessments and student exercises are available for each activity. Your weekly preparation has just dropped to the minimum.

1-hour teacher preparation

Engaging Lesson Delivery

Lesson themes are based on real-world situations and 21st century issues including global, civic and environmental awareness. The class presentation guides the discussions with stimulating illustrations and further instructional content. Collaborative and project-based learning are integrated to all student hands-on computing activities. Your weekly classes have just transformed to self-rewarding and exciting 21st century learning environments.

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Digital Instructional Content

instructional content

Forget printed handouts and worksheets. All the instructional content you’ll need, in one place, and accessible from any device with a web browser. Lesson plans, teacher guides, presentations, assessments, assignments and student guides – fully digital, illustrated and constantly updated.

Formative Assessments

Appearing during instruction, formative assessments provide constant feedback to help teachers adjust delivery and improve student achievement. Every weekly lesson is supported by a series of obtrusive and unobtrusive student assessments designed to boost student interaction; more importantly, they provide real-time feedback on students’ understanding of both computing/digital and 21st century skills.

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Computing Instruction and Tools Support

The completion of real-world digital projects is the capstone activity of every FUNecole® lesson. The activities are specifically designed to combine lesson outcomes with digital skills acquisition. The exercise content provides practical guidance to students and is supported with illustrated instructions about the actual tool/software that will be used. FUNecole® digital projects go beyond standard office productivity to constantly incorporate activities using modern cloud tools and apps ranging from interactive story-telling to coding and robotics.

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Benchmarking and Reporting Performance

benchmarking and reporting

Are you still collecting student work on a USB to grade them later? Are you creating manual reports for each student’s progress? FUNecole® automatically benchmarks and reports your students’ performance against both social emotional and digital skills growth

Professional Development

Continuous professional development foster and sustain creative learning and innovative teaching.

Comprehensive initial teacher training and annual professional development seminars – empowering the 21st century Educators

FUNecole® fully supports teachers in delivering the new lessons and skills with rigorous initial teacher training programs and annual professional development seminars.

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The FUNecole® initial teacher training helps teachers develop creative learning approaches, while it prepares new teachers to become capable educators who can recognize how a teaching activity can trigger and stimulate creativity in their students. The FUNecole® teacher training builds creativity and emphasizes the importance of integration education. The FUNecole® teacher training on ICT enables teachers to sustain the new technologies that are vital for learning. It builds their interest in innovation with a shift from traditional pedagogical methods. The FUNecole® initial teacher training programs are designed and constantly reviewed to promote the most diverse and innovative teaching methods available. Digital competence and cross-curricular preparation offer plenty of hands-on classroom exercises and structured guidance.

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