Why is FUNecole® the right solution for you

For the first time ever, students take ownership of learning and apply their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts. FUNecole® empowers students from primary year 1, to “see” beyond what their imagination may conjure.

The FUNecole® Teacher development platform provides teachers with “just-in-time tutorials” and “Ready-to-Teach/Use” Lesson Plans, Assessments, Teaching Guides, Standards alignments, Videos, Projects, Games, Puzzles, Student Performance Reports and Class Analytics.

FUNecole® effectively facilitates the collaboration between teachers. Teachers can communicate and share recourses with their classes or individual students 24/7.

What sets FUNecole® solution ahead of the competition?

  • Is recognized as a good practice in Innovative Learning and Creative Teaching by the JRC/IPTS of European Commission, endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations for the Cambridge ICT Starters Qualifications and received a Seal of Alignment by the International Standards in Technology in Education.
  • Has a profound impact on Education and Training in the coming decades placing FUNecole® ahead of the global competition by at least six years.
  • Has an excellent track record with existing schools, teachers and students over the past 15 years.
  • Is a project-based holistic approach that provides teachers with a seamless way to guide students to apply their creativity and critical thinking to solve problems individually or collaboratively.
  • Embeds technology strategies as an integral part of the learning experience.
  • Offers schools progressive, state of the art teaching material which offers added value to the students and improves their learning experience.
  • It can be used as a strong promotion tool to attract the parents of potential students.
  • FUNecole® is your in-class assistant.
  • Offers materials for multiple lessons.
  • Enables teacher communication and collaboration on joint projects.

How can you utilize your personnel and classroom capacity better?

  • Easily facilitate big classes since FUNecole® students work in teams or autonomously.
  • Homework and after-school projects become relevant and interesting with FUNecole® therefore, easier to do.
  • Gain more than 70% on real expenses by using the FUNecole® enterprise solution.

Exclusively: The school can use FUNecole® as a stand-alone solution thus remove the existing material (books, notes, online software). In such case FUNecole® can offer instruction and support for Computer Science, Digital Literacy, 21st Century Skills, Global Perspectives, Social Emotional Learning skills and Art and Design skills.

Supportively: The FUNecole® solution can be used as an additional resource to the existing material or as an extra exercise tool for learning. This can be done during teaching hours or as part of the homework.

Over & Above: The FUNecole® solution can be used as a separate afterschool class or as part of an afterschool club, for the students who want to delve deeper into computers/software and the development of higher order thinking skills. The added value of this is evident as this service will be charged extra and the school will benefit both financially as well as ethically by going the extra mile for students.

Milestones achieved so far by FUNecole®:

  • Obtained the worldwide known ISTE Seal of Alignment for Proficiency next to 4 giant corporations worldwide (since 2018)
  • Endorsed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations for the Cambridge ICT Starters Initial Steps Examinations (since 2012)
  • Recognized as a Best Practice in the collection and descriptive analysis of 10 Good Practices of Creativity and Innovation in Compulsory Education in the EU27.
  • Students access the FUNecole® solution either from the school facilities or home. In case of a COVID lockdown or if students cannot go to school due to illnesses or other reasons, their study will not be affected.
  • FUNecole® is migrated to Microsoft Azure’s application service, a fully managed platform with an enterprise-grade global datacenter network where it becomes easier to maintain, load balance and scale your application with zero down deployments. Additionally, Azure’s databases also include built-in high availability and dynamic scaling.
  • Digipro already collaborates with the established Ed Tech providers such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Lego, Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, Birdbrain Robotics, Kai’s Klan, TinkerCAD, Book Creator. FUNecole® students are free to make autonomous selections between technology platforms and applications suitable to solve problems.

The school can advertise the usage of FUNecole® as part of their initiatives to protect the environment as FUNecole® promotes going paperless.

added value


The FUNecole® solution offers an independent (of any specific technology provider) holistic eLearning solution where teachers and students can collaborate, communicate and choose the most appropriate technology platform or application to use during creative problem-solving.

school support

Interdisciplinary deployment

 high-skill and high-tech jobs
  • Through the FUNecole® Teacher Development platform™ educators teaching various subjects can collaborate and assign common projects around students' questions and concerns.
  • Enable educators who normally teach each subject separately (in silos) to offer holistic and inter-disciplinary learning STREAMS (Science, Technology, Reading, Writing, Art, Mathematics and Social Studies) experiences.
  • Facilitate the communication between the teachers to collaborate with the STREAMS approach to do projects that are common, interesting and relevant to students needs and preferences and create Mega projects.
  • Multidisciplinary problem solving helps students learn that no boundaries truly exist between academic disciplines. These boundaries dissolve as students become engaged in their projects.

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