FUNecole® Hits The Road to ISTE 2019 With a Special Offer for Attendees

If you’ll be at ISTE, we would love to speak to you at one of our poster sessions. Sign up for a free 12-week trial. Learn more about FUNecole® from the founder and from an American elementary teacher who used it in 2017-18 school year. See how FUNecole® develops the whole child with its comprehensive digital curriculum/e-learning platform. FUNecole® integrates Social Emotional Learning, Coding, STEAM, 21st Century Skills, Computer Science & Digital Literacy. See the videos and examples of student work, and get a chance to win a one-year subscription for your elementary learners! How cool is that?

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What is FUNecole® About?

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FUNecole® is an award-winning e-learning solution that develops the whole child through its scientifically designed comprehensive digital curriculum & e-learning platform that offers hundreds of animated educational videos across a wide variety of topics, all of which are accompanied by interactive quizzes, activities and games gradually increasing in complexity through year 1 to 6. The content is intended for students in grades K-6 and integrates, Social Emotional Learning, Coding, STEAM, 21st Century Skills, Computer Science & Digital Literacy.

The FUNecole® disrupts the Ed Tech industry by connecting the school education with the workforce demands, with the use of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Multimedia, Art and Robotics.


ISTE seal of alignment

Seal of Alignment ISTE Standards for Students

ISTE seal of alignment

Endorsed by Cambridge International for Cambridge ICT Starters Qualifications

certified microsoft innovative educator organisation

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Organisation (MIE)

Analysed as a BEST PRACTICE in Creative and Innovative Good Practices in Compulsory Education Europe

Analysed as a BEST PRACTICE in "Creative and Innovative Good Practices in Compulsory Education" Europe

Conference Poster Session Schedule

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  • chryso christodoulou Alicia Verweij
    Sunday, June 23, 1:30–4:30 pm Playground A, Level 2, Grand Hall, Table #15 Playground Map

    Computer Science Network Playground: CS, CT Robotics and ISTE Standards

    At this highly interactive event you will learn about new and updated resources for computer science (CS) and computational thinking (CT). Meet students at the interactive exhibits and learn about the new ISTE Standards for CS Educators.

    Chryso Christodoulou / Digipro Education Limited

    Alicia Verweij / West Side Elementary

  • chryso christodoulou Alicia Verweij
    Sunday, June 23, 7:00 – 8:30 pm Posters: Level 4, Terrace Ballroom Lobby, Table #24

    Developing "Polymath Mind" With Tinkering, Computational Thinking and SEL.

    Learn how to involve students in engaging real-world activities and develop polymath minds. Explore robust pedagogies that convert classrooms into places of great joy, creativity and collaboration. Discover how to facilitate personalized learning and differentiated instruction for active student creators, inventors and critical thinkers.

    Chryso Christodoulou / Digipro Education Limited

    Alicia Verweij / West Side Elementary

  • chryso christodoulou

    Join us at the ISTE Seal of Alignment Standards in Action Posters: Level 2, Hall D Lobby, and Table No. 2 to meet with industry peers and our program experts. You'll learn more about how FUNecole® aligns with the ISTE Standards. You be able to engage in one-on-one and small group conversation with our team and hear first-hand from teachers that used FUNecole. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Chryso Christodoulou / Digipro Education Limited

  • Alicia Verweij Rita Oates
    Tuesday, June 25, 10:00 am–12:00 pm Posters: Level 4, Terrace Ballroom Lobby, Table #45

    Integrating Coding, Social-Emotional Skills and Robots for Gifted Students

    Learn how we combined coding, robots and social-emotional learning (SEL) to engage gifted elementary students. Funded through grants and pilots, the FUNecole® curriculum offers online and offline activities. It has earned the ISTE Seal of Alignment and meets state standards for gifted education.

    Alicia Verweij / West Side Elementary

    Dr. Rita Oates / Oates Associates

  • chryso christodoulou Alicia Verweij Alicia Verweij

    Elementary school students in the European Union, the Middle East, and the USA are working on digital stories in several languages. In a classroom in Cyprus, for example, one group of students start a story in their English as a Second Language class, and then another group of students in the UAE take the story and finish it! The digital tools they use include word processing and drawing tools. Students also use audio/video tools such as the Story Visualizer and the Book Creator to record and video tape their stories and create their story museums. Students finish their stories and upload them to the personal digital portfolio on the FUNecole® platform. These stories are shared with their classmates, who can download them and use them as a reference for new stories. Students with special permission of their school can share their stories on the FUNecole® global portal and then students from various countries can exchange ideas and thoughts and construct stories together.

    Sandbox 3: Digital Storytelling Across Nations using FUNecole® 11:00 – 12:00pm

    Presentation Stage 1: Applied StoryTelling Digital Storytelling Across Nations
    using FUNecole® 12:30 – 01:00pm

    Chryso Christodoulou / Digipro Education Limited

    Alicia Verweij / West Side Elementary

    Wendy Weiler / Weiler Associates

Testimonials / See What People Say About Us

FUNecole® is an innovative 21st Century Curriculum devised and created to meet all the needs of teachers and children alike. It can be used for Independent Thinking, ICT, Coding & Computing, personal and social education as well as the development of the ‘whole’ child. It’s an amazing pedagogical tool as well as a fully immersive experience for children and teachers. Resources, lesson plans, teaching tools - all your needs for the 21st Century teacher. There is nothing else like it. It’s magical

by Nina Jackson
Nina Jackson

Parents today want their children to learn coding, to be good digital citizens, and to have the “soft skills” necessary for success in life. Where do those fit into the core curriculum? FUNecole® provides a clever, spiraling strategy, using real world problems for students to solve. Along the way they learn digital skills and apply social emotional skills. Engaging cartoon characters help advance the learning in delightful ways and offer discussion points for small groups of students. As the former district edtech director in Miami-Dade County Schools, I find this a unique strategy for increasing student exposure and experience with technology while embedding social emotional skills for life-long success.

by Rita Oates

Having been an elementary school teacher myself, I see this teacher-led curriculum as engaging students while it lays the foundation for a deeper knowledge of behavioral modeling towards a strong moral compass. I recommend FUNecole® to Directors of Curriculum who are looking for a supplemental program that aligns with core curriculum and enriches it with social emotional learning and digital literacy. They will see a huge impact on their students’ academic scores, but most importantly on their students’ core moral values.

by Wendy Weiler

FUNecole® is an excellent, holistic approach to teaching tool with endless possibilities. It's vast pool of resources can be utilized from both teachers and students for a one of a kind teaching / learning experience. I highly and unconditionally recommend it!

by Andreas Eleftheriou
Andreas Eleftheriou

West Side Elementary has been utilizing the FUNecole® software since September of this year. FUNecole® is a state of the art social-emotional software designed to integrate 21st century skills. The four C's (Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, & Critical Thinking) are enveloped flawlessly into the program. Utilizing FUNecole® has made meeting the depth of Mississippi's gifted outcomes for social-emotional curriculum a piece of cake! The program is skill rich and yet simple enough for every learner to understand and operate. Students learn while having fun and teachers' lives are made easy in terms of teaching and lesson planning!

by Alicia Verweij
Alicia Verweij

FUNecole® Team

chryso christodoulou

Chryso Christodoulou

Digipro Education Limited

Ms. Chryso Christodoulou is the founder of FUNecole® Research Institute

Heidi Williams

Heidi Williams

Marquette University

Heidi Williams is a passionate coding and computational thinking advocate

Rita Oates

Oates Associates

Rita loves speaking about the intersection of technology, teaching and school reform

Alicia Verweij

West Side Elementary

Elementary Teacher at Picayune School District

Wendy Weiler

Weiler Associates LLC

Wendy is a trusted consultant to education focused organizations

FUNecole® Featured at Education Week

According to a recent EdWeek Market Brief survey, 86 percent of district leaders say they have already invested in social-emotional learning products, or plan to do so in the coming year.

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