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FUNecole® is a holistic e-learning solution that develops and assesses 21st Century skills, STREAMS, Computer Science & Digital Literacy skills and Social Emotional Learning. It inspires, engages and educates the new generation of learners, connecting today’s education with future careers.

FUNecole® is designed for students aged 5-11 (year 1-6 of primary/ elementary school) and follows a spiral approach over a period of six years. It is used by schools and private institutes globally.

Email support is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM TO 5 PM EEST: We have an all-inclusive support site, packed with videos, presentations, info-graphics and also schedule regular webinars to help you get the most out of using FUNecole® in your classroom. Our detailed activity plans, instructions, and lesson plans make the FUNecole® experience user-friendly for both educators and students.

Students normally follow a sequence and complete the whole FUNecole® cycle. However, this can be customised according to a student’s needs and skills. To help schools determine which FUNecole® programme of study they should begin with for each of their classes, we have purposely designed a questionnaire consisting of a series of questions for this sole purpose.

The FUNecole® subscription for teachers gives access to the FUNecole® teacher platform, which includes lesson plans, activities, videos, real time classroom/student analytics and statistics. 35 plus ready- made lesson plans per year including over 3000 projects, 3500 assessments, 500 videos and 500 games.

FUNecole® is a web-based application. Downloading or installing any programme is not necessary for FUNecole® to run.

FUNecole® requires a desktop/laptop/tablet and speakers/headphones

A fast and reliable Broadband Internet connection is required.

o Latest Google Chrome. o Latest Firefox. o Latest Safari. o Opera o Latest Internet Explorer o Latest Microsoft Edge.

No previous experience is needed to become a FUNecole® teacher. The FUNecole® team provides full training and on- going support to schools and teachers.

The students can scan or print their QR (Quick Response)codes, to login directly into the FUNecole® platform saving time logging in with username and password.

FUNecole® is offered in English.

They can download/print class and student analytics.

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