The Importance of Technology in Education and Why it Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forward unprecedented challenges that affect global education particularly, the primary school learners who are building the foundations for later learning. We are living amidst what is potentially one of the greatest threats in our lifetime, a gigantic educational crisis

AIS Consortium

Board Member of AIS and CEO of Digipro Education, Chryso Christodoulou will be attending the AIS Consortium membership meeting


ISTELive 21 Sunday, June 27 make sure to register for the lightning talk session, our very own CEO Chryso Christodoulou, will be talking about FUNecole®, so don’t miss it!

FUNecole Newsletter Edition. 1

Our bi-monthly FUNecole® Newsletter is about building together a growing community of teachers, parents, administrators, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers-you name it, we’ve got it covered!
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