Teaching And Learning With Mobile Tech From Kindergarten to Early Primary Years

Schools need to transform and develop their educational practices that will lead students towards the development of the new 21st century literacies. You may join and get three fully subsidized participations! 21st & 22nd of November at Hilton Cyprus!

This seminar will offer private educational institutions with valuable insight with the essential tools and resourses for teaching and learning in the 21st century. Education, teaching, learning and Pedagogy is ever changing. Cyprus belongs to a global community and as Cypriots we need to develop our children so that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, creativity and digital competencies and enable them to survive in an ever changing world.

The foundation for this change is to begin early, equipping children with the tools they need regardless of their learning and living differences. The key is to differentiate our instruction and use the most appropriate digital devices that will enable us to cater for all children including gifted and talented as well as special needs children (IPad is the only device that is fully accessible for special educational needs, including visually impaired as well as changes afoot for those with hearing impairment). Therefore, using tablets and iPads from Kindergarten to Early Years becomes a vital part of our instruction.

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