Technology And Modern Education, Hilton Nicosia

On Behalf of the FUNecole® committee / FUNecole® Reseach Center

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the speakers and participants, from all over Cyprus, who helped make this workshop a success.

Also we would like to extend special thanks to our speakers , these being Mr George Tassou president of House Education Committee, Mrs Laura Hrakleous president of Private Preschools Committee , Mr Konstantinos Karagiorgis and Nikos Ioannou from Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Mrs Maria Prodromou, Mrs Tasoula Katsiami and Mrs Christina Aristidou from U-Learn Institute, Mrs Tonia Galati from Grammar School Nicosia and lastly Mr Kyriakos Christodoulou and Mrs Chryso Christodoulou from Digipro Computer Consultants.

The primary goal of this conference was to show the importance of integrating technology in modern 21st Century education. A new generation of children emerges who is familiar with the new technological tools, demonstrating excellent comfort and confidence when handling software or the internet.The education system must prepare this generation for high-skilled and high-tech jobs, keeping up with the ever faster changing dynamics in jobs market.

We believe that our diverse and dynamic team of speakers provided in-depth insight, as well as actionable and practical tools that could be utilized to aid teachers , students and the education system in becoming more efficient in this on-going constant evolution.

Post Conference Follow-up

Our next event is due to take place in spring of 2016 whereupon we are planning to deliver a two day Workshop Seminar with a six hour visit to the school fully subsidized by EU Funding of our innovative FUNecole® curriculum to help schools apply the new thinking skills for solution implementation and to offer to schools the latest trends and solutions of the 21st century skills.

If you would like to contact a FUNecole® presenter please use the form or the contact info on FUNecole® Contact Us page!