ODS and FUNecole® workshop for teachers Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!

FUNecole® Master Trainer Ms. Chryso Christodoulou led a comprehensive teacher development workshop.

The workshop took place in at the IEFE Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia of
February 19th 2013.

Official website IEFE: http://www.iefe.sa/en/presentors/keynote-speakers

This workshop enabled teachers to get familiar and apply the award winning
FUNecole® tools and recourses. FUNecole® is a K -12 curriculum that develops ICT
and thinking skills endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations to support
Cambridge ICT Starters Initial Steps qualifications.

During the workshop, the rest of the Open Discovery Space project dynamic tools and
recourses that enable teachers to built 21st century skill were presented and used.

Open Discovery Space addresses the challenge of modernising school education by engaging teachers, students, parents
and policymakers in a first of its kind effort to create a pan-European eLearning environment to promote more flexible
and creative ways of learning by improving the way educational content is produced, accessed and used.

Biography:    Chryso Christodoulou is the co-founder of Digipro® Computer Consultants and the founder of  FUNecole® Research
Institute. Ms. Christodoulou leads the Research and Development Department of the FUNecole® Research Institute and
coordinates European funded projects that include participants from various Ministries of Education, EU Universities,
Pedagogical Institutes and Private Schools.