Getting the Most Out of the Hour of Code

Digipro Education Limited and FUNecole® in corporation with 8 public schools have organized one of the biggest education events in Cyprus. The Hour of Code event took place in Digipro premises and lasted almost 2 weeks. More than 650 students attended the Hour of Code experience. Computer Science is changing everything and every student should have the opportunity to learn!

Students were divided into 28 groups. Each group was introduced to coding and its benefits through a small presentation. Following that, each group had a workshop with six different stations.

The main goal of Digipro Education Limited and FUNecole® was to bring children into contact with computer science and coding. Within one hour, children managed to get an idea of what coding is through coding activities and games. At the end of the workshop, each student had the opportunity to meet Santa and receive their certificates.

Our motto was that any child, at any age, independently of their background, can learn how to code!



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