FUNecole<sup>®</sup> attends MECA (MS Educational Computing Association), in Jackson – Mississippi

We are glad to announce the participation of FUNecole® at the MECA conference presenting “Presenting FUNecole® Developing and Assessing Computer Science and SEL”, which took place on February 4-6, 2019.

FUNecole® shared and exchanged techniques, procedures, ideas and materials with people interested in education technology from all around the world.

A few words about the MECA Conference:

MECA conferences provide participants a chance to network with peers, learn from each other’s experiences, see new vendor offerings, and, in general, receive outstanding professional development concerning instructional technology.

Participants come from various backgrounds (K-12, Higher Ed, Business, etc.) and experience both hands-on sessions in labs and concurrent sessions in conference rooms.

At the first MECA conference, there were four hands-on workshop labs provided by Apple, IBM PC, Radio Shack, and Commodore with 18 exhibitors and 500 participants. Last year there were over 24 hands-on sessions, over 70 exhibitors, and average 800+ participants.

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