Chryso Christodoulou is invited by the Ministry Of Education of Saudi Arabia to demonstrate new Approaches for Innovative teaching and Learning

Chryso Christodoulou will present new educational approaches to teaching and learning that inspire 21st century students to compete and excel globally.

Chryso Christodoulou will present new educational approaches to teaching and learning that inspire 21st century students to compete and excel globally.

FUNecole founder Mrs. Chryso Christodoulou is invited to present as a speaker at the International Exhibition Forum for Education IEFE to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from February 18th - 22nd.

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Presenting objectives will cover:

  • How the development of innovative ICT-based content services and pedagogies enable lifelong learning.
  • New forms of learning that extent beyond teaching basic ICT skills and cultivate the thinking processes thus
  • powerfully leading their students to the “Learning to Learn” paradigm.
  • Tangible evaluation results of student participation when the teaching practices go beyond the school or class
  • situations and become relevant to situations in the everyday life of the students and their families.
  • How an attractive, collaborative and creative Learning Environments can meet the needs of the various target
  • groups and promote active citizenship that cultivates social cooperation and cohesion.
  • Case studies and stimulating activities that inspire students to think, discover, argue and manage their personal
  • learning and self-development, offer real, rich and relevant learning experiences and motivate them to strive
  • for excellence.
  • Present FUNecole® original design approach that revolves around the entrepreneurial education concept that
  • fosters the development Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills and facilitates a 6-year extension
  • of thinking processes from knowledge acquisition, comprehension and application to knowledge analysis,
  • synthesis, evaluation and sharing.


Chryso Christodoulou is the co-founder of Digipro® Computer Consultants and the founder of FUNecole® Research Institute. Mrs. Christodoulou
leads the Research and Development Department of the FUNecole®
Research Institute and coordinates European funded projects that
include participants from various Ministries of Education, EU
Universities, Pedagogical Institutes and Private Schools.


For over 22 years, Mrs. Christodoulou has been
working out of Digipro® as an Information
Technology Educational Consultant, researcher
and trainer. Her academic background is in
Computer Science and Education and she is the
designer and developer of the FUNecole®
Creative Learning Environment. FUNecole® was
recognized by the European Commission and
DG in Education as the number 1 Best
Educational Practice in Innovation and
Creativity in all 27 EU countries. Mrs. Christodoulou is the author and
editor of 40 educational books namely, the FUNecole® Step-by-Step educational books. The FUNecole® books are
translated into 5 languages and are used by numerous public and private academic institutions across several EU
countries. FUNecole® is endorsed by University of Cambridge
International examinations for supporting the Cambridge ICT Starters examinations.

In 2010, the European Commission appointed Mrs. Christodoulou as an external educational expert and evaluator for
the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies IPTS on various educational Research projects. She was invited as an
entrepreneurship expert to represent Female Entrepreneurship in Cyprus by the OECD and participates in drafting
reports commissioned by the OECD and co-funded by the European Commission. Mrs. Christodoulou is one of 350
European Ambassadors of entrepreneurship. She is a program committee member for the IEEE Computer society
organisation for world famous conferences and workshops. Every year she delivers hundreds of hours of training and
consulting in various subjects around the world. Mrs. Christodoulou is the main trainer in service training workshops
that are funded by European National Agencies targeted in the development of Master trainers and teachers throughout
European Union countries. Mrs.Christodoulou´s work is published by scientific publications such as IEEE Xplore and was
awarded the title of Woman of the Year in Entrepreneurship in 2001. Mrs. Christodoulou is invited and expected to
participate as a Key Note speaker and panellist given her expertise in Entrepreneurship and education to the European
SME Week

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