FUNecole® students exhibit proficiency in collaborative learning, problem solving, creative expression and innovative thinking. FUNecole® students integrate ICT tools in all their school subjects. They learn to use the Internet safely and intelligently, while producing high quality work.

FUNecole® activities empower students to organize, plan, display and execute projects alone or as a part of a group. During activities, students reflect on existing knowledge and take a different course of action while dealing with new problems. With the contribution of the FUNecole® cartoons, which represent different personalities and learning styles, students are inspired to participate in FUN activities and games.

The FUNecole® comprehensive teacher materials are a safe heaven for every teacher. FUNecole® structured and comprehensive materials offer valuable teacher support for developing Computing and thinking skills whilst preparing students for Cambridge ICT Starters Qualifications (year 1 to year 6). Specifically, FUNecole® students develop skills using a range of applications including word processing, computer graphics, databases, spreadsheets, email, internet, presentations, video/animation, web authoring and basic computer programming. In addition, students consider wider issues such as Internet safety and work adaptation based on the type of audience.