FUNecole® solution uses robust pedagogies that convert classrooms into places of joy, creativity, and collaboration. FUNecole® students need to apply a versatile skills form Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Social/Emotional learning and become “Polymath Minds” ready for the STREAMS-related jobs and carriers.

FUNecole® for STREAMS Skills in Education


FUNecole® STREAMS lessons inspire students to use Technology and coding to communicate opinions, test ideas and arguments. Students design and create authentic learning and engaging STREAMS activities that enable them to solve complex problems and have fun collaborating and learning.

FUNecole® learning plans include prompts for discussion, collaboration, and offline activities to introduce social-emotional concepts and ideas using collaborative strategies and gaming. Lesson activities provide pre and post assessments on the social-emotional concepts introduced in the STREAMS activities.

FUNecole® provides STREAMS activities that inspire them to use technology tools creatively to solve problems and extent their experiences to other disciplines. Many of the activities include optional extension activities that allow a teacher to expand the lesson theme to an even deeper level.

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