The FUNecole® holistic solution is supported by a comprehensive and fully structured selection of lessons and activities, which integrate Computer Science and Social and Emotional Learning for grades 1 to 6.

FUNecole® inspires students to show competences in areas like self awareness, self management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness. FUNecole® lessons scaffold the use of digital skills embedded into activities that are anchored in real-world contexts and situations. They build SEL seamlessly, as it is integrated into the academic instruction.

Developing Positive Mindset

Episode 3 Scene 1 from the FUNecole® Green Awareness Year 1

The FUNecole® platform enables educators to customize the activities and the lesson sequence to best fit their students’ needs. Moreover, real-time management tools offer educators the opportunity to monitor student work. Most importantly, a unique set of assessments, connected directly to the learning objectives, provide educators with a precious lens into the attitudes and perceptions of each student on their own learning style and learning processes.

FUNecole® has the CASEL Seal of Alignment for Students and aligns with the CASEL Framework for Core Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies Standards.

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Developing Social Emotional and Global Skills

Understand and Manage Emotions

FUNecole® lessons enable students to be flexible and adaptable when interacting with others. During problem solving, students demonstrate deep understanding of how a situation appears to others and how their own actions might possibly affect others’ reactions.

understand and manage emotions
Episode from The FUNecole® Yellow Exploring Year
understand and manage emotions

Set and Achieve Positive Goals

FUNecole® lessons inspire and teach students to understand and control themselves, to enhance self-efficiency, resilience, positive thinking, and optimism. Furthermore, FUNecole® students learn how to set and achieve positive goals while addressing complex problems.

Set and achieve positive goals
Episode from The FUNecole® Orange Development Year
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Establish and Maintain Positive Relationships

FUNecole® lessons enable students to develop an enquiring mind-set. They cultivate intelligence as a learnable discipline. They require students to work persistently despite the fear of failure. FUNecole® lessons promote useful ways of thinking that lead to positive results such as healthy mind-set, resiliency, optimism, health and academic improvement.

Establish and maintain positive relationships
Episode from The FUNecole® Red Interest Year
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Make Responsible Decisions

FUNecole® students learn how to use patterns in order to make connections between stored knowledge and new information. They become fluent in viewing new materials in multiple modes, making connections between old and new knowledge. They learn to focus on a specific problem over an extended time and to exercise divergent and convergent thinking while making responsible decisions and strategies on how to solve the problem.

make responsible decisions
Episode from The FUNecole® Blue Design Year®
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Feel and Show Empathy Towards Others

FUNecole® students are ready to take responsibility for the outcome of their interactions. They show readiness to deal with controversy and conflict resolution. They learn how to acknowledge their feelings and how to show empathy towards others while negotiating and resolving conflict. Furthermore, FUNecole® students learn how to communicate effectively, being fully aware of the power of interpretation.

Episode 1 Scene 2 from the FUNecole® Red Interest Year

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