FUNecole® alleviates the big shakeup for schools that look for ways to integrate Robotics, Augmented Reality Apps, Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking in their instruction. New skills such as coding, Algorithmic and Computational Thinking are introduced in primary education from year 1!

In addition, FUNecole® prepares educators to teach with confidence and enthusiasm, while using all the aforementioned technologies creatively.

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Coding Meets Social Emotional Learning

FUNecole® materials and online resources prepare and guide teachers who haven’t studied computer science to teach coding/computer science; computational and algorithmic thinking , Augmented Reality apps, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics while cultivating Social Emotional Learning.

Build on Your Terms

Teachers need to show students how to evaluate the information veracity, reason logically and apply learning to new situations. The FUNecole® turnkey eLearning solution allows them to collaborate and design together dynamic experiences that promote entrepreneurial education. Students are inspired to “see” the wider picture, to pinpoint opportunities, to think critically and creatively, to take risks, to collaborate and make connections while solving problems

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Operate Seamlessly

No matter how skillful and experienced, teachers are lacking behind in the methodologies for eLearning. Using the FUNecole® online platforms, teachers support the online organization of student interactive activities and assessments according to international curriculum standards, while monitoring student progress and engagement.

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