FUNecole® engages teachers to:

  • Meet the high cognitive student demands.
  • Teach and assess Computer Science, Digital Literacy, 21st Century skills, STEAM and Social Emotional Learning all in one multidisciplinary approach.
  • Enable students to design the lessons and foster for innovation and creativity in the classroom.
  • Develop broad knowledge and skills in many disciplines.
  • Transform from content experts to learning guides and facilitators.
  • Be ready to differentiate, collaborate and share global experiences.
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Preparing Teachers to Teach Computer Science.

FUNecole® materials and online resources prepare and guide educators who haven’t studied computer science to teach coding and computing principles, computational and algorithmic thinking, which enable students to find and solve problems with design thinking. Educators are fully supported to use Augmented Reality apps, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. With FUNecole® it is easy to use familiar products commonly available in K12 schools, such as Google’s G Suite, Microsoft Office, and others.

FUNecole® educators attend comprehensive initial and annual training sessions to ensure their classes receive the maximum value from working with this solution. In addition, the wealth of learning resources available from their weekly FUNecole® lessons preparation and delivery acts as an unlimited source for continuous and sustainable teacher professional development.

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