FUNecole® Students Become

Computational thinkers and problem-solvers

Students develop critical and abstract thinking while tackling real-world problems.

Relentless communicators and collaborators

Students work together to achieve common goals and learn how to communicate effectively with different audiences.

Researchers and information scientists

Students investigate hypotheses, evaluate information from multiple sources, and analyse data to make educated decisions.

Ethical digital leaders

Students learn how to stay safe online, protect the privacy of others, and respect intellectual property.

Digital content masters

Students combine different applications and technology tools to create, organise, store, and retrieve variety of digital content.

Socially responsible citizens

Students acknowledge diversity, practice empathy, and display accountability across global, community, civic, and environmental perspectives.

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The FUNecole® Solution Inspires Students to:

  • Participate in versatile activities and have ownership of their learning.
  • Learn to explore deeper and publish for diverse audiences.
  • Connect, collaborate, and critically analyse information.
  • Create media objects and write in multiple modes.
  • Are empowered to excel when achieving objectives.
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