The FUNecole® solution inspires schools to become tech savvy, to leverage the potential of digital media, to transform classrooms and to enable Innovative teaching and Creative Learning.

The FUNecole® solution complies with Common Core standards in language arts and mathematics to ensure that coding and computer literacy can be integrated into each of the subject areas.

FUNecole® offers interactive materials for 35 weeks annually and access to the FUNecole® Teacher Preparation Website, the FUNecole® Student Learning and Sharing Website, and the FUNecole® School Administration Website.

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The FUNecole® Solution Privileges for Schools

  • Meet curriculum requirements and educate the iGeneration.
  • Prepare the current and next generations for high-skill and high-tech jobs.
  • Shift from “teaching paradigm” towards a “facilitating learning process paradigm”.
  • Develop global awareness and civic, health, and environmental literacy skills.
  • Integrate entrepreneurial education in teaching and learning.
  • Cultivate and nourish qualities like compassion, self discipline, moral judgment, empathy, respect, sense of belonging and community support.
  • Engage competition among classes to get “jobs” and by student’s own involvement in research activities
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