Cambridge Art and Design

What is Cambridge Art and Design

Art & Design gives learners a platform to express themselves, sparking imagination, creativity and developing transferable skills. Students explore and push boundaries to become reflective, critical and decisive thinkers. They learn how to articulate personal responses to their experiences.

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What will students learn?

what will students learn

Students develop creative skills that will help with many aspects of their future learning and development. They will:

  • Learn to see themselves as artists and become increasingly reflective and independent
  • Develop the skills needed to express creative ideas and to communicate visually
  • Understand their place and the place of others in a creative, innovative and interconnected world.

How FUNecole® Aligns with Art and Design

  • Become experimental, reflective, critical and decisive thinkers and transfer these skills across the curriculum.
  • Be able to concentrate and collaborate with other while producing art.
  • Push personal boundaries and express themselves through their artistic work.
  • Enact curiosity and make connections between different perspectives, historical, geographic and cultural contexts.
  • Experiment with materials and media, learners will begin to master techniques and processes.
  • Develop autonomy while producing individual art crafts.
  • Challenge negative views of failure or lack of natural artistic ability.
  • Reflect upon and appreciate their progress, both as artists and as creative thinkers.

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