funecole philosophy

The FUNecole® dynamic eLearning solution provides primary school students (K-6), a systemic multidisciplinary learning environment. FUNecole® empowers students to face global challenges in education and for their future productive lives.

The FUNecole® project based themed lessons incorporate the STREAMS (Science, Technology, Reading & Writing, Engineer, Arts, Math and Social Sciences) approach, Digital Literacy, Computer Science/coding, 21st Century Skills and Social Emotional Learning.

FUNecole® fully supports students to develop higher order thinking skills such as creative expression, innovative design and ethical problem solving.

FUNecole® Meeting Today’s Challenges

  • Every FUNecole® themed lesson offers multiple forms of learning elements, recommendations, ready-made lesson plans, in-class activities, videos, formative assessments and interactive games that align to international curricula.
  • Data-rich performance analytics are gathered and presented in real time, allowing teachers to monitor students’ progress while teaching.
  • FUNecole® successfully integrates all leading technology providers in a straightforward supported process.
  • Comprehensive training and on-going support.
  • The FUNecole® eLearning holistic solution inspires and educates every primary school learner and collaborates with teachers, schools and parents to connect school with workforce demands.
  • FUNecole® connects International Standards with External Examinations followed by the Cambridge International Schools & Endorsed by Cambridge International Assessments for Cambridge ICT Starters Initial and Next Steps Qualifications.
funecole student platform
funecole student platform

FUNecole® and Online Safety

Everyone at FUNecole® takes every opportunity to make the safety of pupils an integral part of everything we do on the FUNecole® platform.

The FUNecole® eLearning solution is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, an enterprise-grade global datacenter network with Service Level Agreements and commitment for uptime and connectivity of at least 99.9%.

Microsoft Azure provides a secure foundation across physical infrastructure and operational security as it invests over a billion dollars every year into security, including the security of the Azure platform, so that user data and business assets are fully protected. Azure is heavily certified in privacy and security and offering GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreements.

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FUNecole® complies with the European General Data Regulation (GDPR) regarding the collection, use and retention of user data. As a cloud based company entrusted with our customer data, we’ve set high standards for security protecting our customer’s information and privacy.

This continues by offering teachers support in teaching online safety by providing appropriate resources and guidance throughout the six-year FUNecole® journey. Project based themes include safeguarding personal information, understanding risks associated with the internet, digital footprints, digital citizenship and so much more.

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